You’ve heard of the phrase, “prevention is better than the cure” right? That could never be more true than with your car. The modern vehicle is a complex machine containing hundreds of moving parts that all depend on one another to work properly. When something fails, it can quickly lead to serious problems, and expense. With a regular preventive maintenance program, you can make sure your car is always on the road and ready for whatever the Georgia roads can throw at it.

The manufacturer’s recommended service interval is one such piece of maintenance. It is the ideal opportunity to have your vehicle inspected by an expert (our ASE Certified Technicians), who can spot problems before they arise. It also ensures you maintain the warranty and get the best out of your car or truck.

Lube 3000 Auto Service provides local drivers with a complete preventive maintenance service.

Other good preventive maintenance measures are:

  • Oil and filter changes
  • Safety inspection (vehicle safety and roadworthiness)
  • Belt and hose check (timing, drive, serpentine belts)
  • Filter renewal (cabin, oil, fuel filters)
  • Tire inspection (rotation, tread, pressure, condition checks)
  • Brake inspection (brake fluid, pad and disc condition)
  • Fluid servicing (transmission fluid, coolant, radiator flush)
  • Ignition system check (spark plugs, glow plugs, timing, tune)
  • And many other inspections required at maintenance intervals

The specific items we inspect depends on the vehicles age, manufacturer, service schedule, and the type of driving you do. We will be happy to discuss specifics with you via the phone or when dropping off your car or truck.

Your vehicle’s scheduled service recommendations are printed in your owner’s manual. You can also stop by Lube 3000 and ask for your car’s manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule. We’ll be happy to discuss it with you.