At Lube 3000 we know a properly tuned engine delivers the best efficiency, the best power, and the best performance. Most modern vehicle engines can automatically compensate for small variations in tune, but nothing gets an engine purring like an engine tune up.

An engine tune from Lube 3000 ASE certified technicians will ensure your engine works at peak performance every time and delivers the best possible fuel economy.

Today’s engines are run by a computer which controls everything from how much gas is used to how much air is allowed into the engine. This means you now need specialist equipment to diagnose and eliminate faults. At Lube 3000 we have the latest diagnostic equipment and highly qualified and experienced technicians.

Depending on the condition of the car and manufacturer’s recommendations, a typical tune up will include some, or all of the following:

  • Diagnosis of engine management computer
  • Replace air and fuel filters
  • Adjustment of ignition and idle timing
  • Check and change spark plugs
  • Evaluation and cleaning of fuel injectors Emissions check
  • Maintenance inspection

Let Lube 3000 keep your engine humming with our Tune Up Service.